ZingGrid has a predefined set of column types which have default behavior on render and edit. This behavior can extended and modified. If you are not familiar with the <zg-column> tag, please refer to the column types guide.


zg-column types are an extension of the ZingGrid library and are used to increase and alter column display, functionality and editing.

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<zing-grid src="https://cdn.zinggrid.com/datasets/users.json">
    <!-- default type is text -->
    <zg-column index="name"></zg-column>
    <!-- explicitly set text -->
    <zg-column type="text" index="job"></zg-column>
    <!-- set image column type -->
    <zg-column type="image" index="img" type-image-mask="circle" content-style="width:50px;height:50px;"></zg-column>
    <!-- set url column type -->
    <zg-column type="url" index="episode_link" type-url-icon="outsidearrow"></zg-column>

View the list of ZgColumn tag attributes and column types reference guide.

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