Context Menu

ZingGrid has a default context menu that allows you to insert rows, edit your grid, and more! Simply enable it by adding the context-menu attribute to your <zing-grid> element.

Default Menu

Easily add a context menu with the context-menu attribute, then just right-click on a cell to see it!

<zing-grid context-menu></zing-grid>

Static Menu

Easily add a static context menu by adding the static-menu attribute.

<zing-grid context-menu static-menu></zing-grid>

Column Menu

Easily add a column toggle menu by adding the columns-control attribute.

<zing-grid columns-control></zing-grid>

Custom Menu

You can also make your own context menu by using the <zg-menu> tag and setting the context-menu attribute of the grid to the id of your menu.

<zing-grid context-menu="mymenu">
  <zg-menu id="mymenu">
    <img src="..." alt="Chargers Logo">