Virtual Scrolling

In ZingGrid, virtual scrolling is called "infinite scrolling". This is a flexible performance feature that directly integrates with Firebase in one line and works well with any remote API.

Infinite Scroll

To enable infinite scrolling, add the height and page-size attributes to your <zing-grid> tag and the [name="loadByScroll"] attribute to <zg-param> with value="true".

  1. Add the height and page-size attributes to your <zing-grid> tag

    <zing-grid height="400" page-size=10>
  2. Add loadByScroll parameter to <zg-param>

  3. If you are integrating with Firebase, add adapter and src attributes to <zg-data>


Altogether, it will look like this:

<zing-grid height="400" page-size=10>
  <zg-data src="">
    <zg-param name="loadByScroll" value="true"></zg-param>

Infinite Scroll Grid

Here is a complete grid with infinite scroll enabled:


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