The <zg-layout-controls> tag is a container for the icons that toggle between row mode and card mode for the grid. The <zg-layout-controls> web component is created internally and should not be placed directly in the user's HTML; however, the user can style <zg-layout-controls> using CSS variables and the zg-layout-controls selector.

Image of the DOM relationship for the zg-layout-controls web component tag

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<zg-layout-controls> allows you to switch between normal row mode and condensed card mode for the grid. You can set these toggle controls with the layout-controls attribute on the <zing-grid> tag.

<zing-grid layout-controls


There are no attributes available for the <zg-layout-controls> web component.

CSS Variables

There are no CSS variables available for the <zg-layout-controls> web component.

CSS Selector

<zg-layout-controls> can be styled with common CSS variables using the zg-layout-controls selector, like so:

zg-layout-controls {
  background: red;

[api: <zg-layout-controls>]