The <zg-tooltip> tag is a web component that serves as a container the the grid's tooltip and used as a CSS target for styling by the developer.. The <zg-tooltip> web component should not be accessed specifically beyond styling.

Image of the DOM relationship for the zg-tooltip web component tag

ZGTooltip Relationships
Component Relationship Type Ancestor
ZingGrid Parent Generated n/a

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The <zg-tooltip> element is a generated element added to <zing-grid> when the cell-tooltip-text or header-tooltip-text attribute is defined.

<zing-grid src="...">
    <zg-column header-tooltip-text="I'm a tooltip"></zg-column>


There are no attributes available for the <zg-tooltip> web component.


CSS Variables

There are no CSS variables available for the <zg-tooltip> web component.


CSS Selector

<zg-tooltip> can be styled by common CSS selectors, like so:

zg-tooltip {
  background: red;

CSS Shadow Parts

<zg-tooltip> exposed elements within the shadow can be styled by CSS shadow parts, like so:

zg-tooltip::part(tooltip) {
  background-color: red;

Below is a list of all the associated ZGTooltip shadow parts. Check out the full list of CSS shadow parts or our Styling Basics guide to learn more about styling the grid.

ZGTooltip CSS Shadow Parts
Name Description
close The tooltip close icon


There are no slots available for the <zg-tooltip> web component.


[api: <zg-tooltip>]