The <zg-load-mask> tag is a web component that controls the styling and display of the load mask of the grid. <zg-load-mask> is used to define the loading overlay that displays on top of the grid before the grid is completely rendered. You can style the <zg-load-mask> through CSS variables or the zg-load-mask CSS selector.

Image of the DOM relationship for the zg-load-mask web component tag

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A <zg-load-mask> tag can be manually inserted inside the grid as slotted content or automatically inserted when the caption is enabled via src attribute. The load mask is stylable via CSS variables or the zg-load-mask CSS selector.

The load mask will be triggered by a remote src:

<zing-grid src="https://cdn.zinggrid.com/datasets/user-roles.json"></zing-grid>

The load mask with slotted content:

<zing-grid src="https://cdn.zinggrid.com/datasets/user-roles.json">
  <zg-load-mask>Hello World Loading...</zg-load-mask>


There are no attributes variables available for the <zg-load-mask> web component.

CSS Variables

All the associated --zg-load-mask CSS variables. You can find the full list of css variables or check out our styling basics to learn more about styling the grid.

root: {
  --zg-load-mask-color: red;
ZGLoadMask CSS Variables and Default Values
NameDefaultDescriptionDemoCSS Ref
--zg-load-mask-color#fffSets the font color of the loading text

CSS Selector

<zg-header> can be styled by common CSS selectors.

zg-load-mask {
  background: red;