Grid State Persistence

ZingGrid has the ability to preserve its state between page loads. This feature can easily be enabled by adding the preserveStateId to your grid!

Specify which states in preserve with preserveStateOptions. Some of the states preserved are:

  • Column position - columnposition
  • Column visibility - columnvisibility
  • Column width - columnwidth
  • Filter - filter
  • Frozen columns - columnfrozen
  • Frozen rows - rowfrozen
  • Layout - layout
  • Page - page
  • Page size - pagesize
  • Row group - rowgroup
  • Row Selector - rowselector
  • Search - search
  • Selector - selector
  • Sort - sort
  • More Coming!

PreserveStateId Attribute

To state preserving state on your grid, add the preserveStateId attribute to the <zing-grid> tag. Set this attribute to a unique string that will be used as the ID to store the grid's state in. Grids with the same preserveStateId will share states.

<zing-grid preserve-state-id="featuresGridState"></zing-grid>

Grid with State

Here is a complete grid with state preserved:


Saving Specific States

You may not want to preserve all state in your grid. Use the preserveStateOptions attribute to specify which state(s) to preserve:


Custom State Functions

To trigger an action after the state changes, is to set the following attributes to the name of the function.

The attribute preserveStateSave executes the specified function when the grid saves the state. The function should contain two arguments:

  • id - the id assigned to preserveStateId
  • data - the state of the grid

There is also the preserveStateLoad attribute, which executes the function when state is loaded into the grid. The function takes in one argument:

  • id - the id assigned to preserveStateId
  function loadMe(id) {
    console.log('id: ', id);
  function saveMe(id, data) {
    console.log('id: ', id);
    console.log('data: ', data);

Setting State

To update the state of the grid, use either of the API methods:

  • setState(data) - Sets the current (all) states
  • setStateField(field, data) - Sets the specified state

The best way to get the state data for loading into the grid is by using preserveStateLoad to retrieve the data.

<zing-grid preserve-state-id="featuresGridState4"></zing-grid>
  // Set sort state
  let zgRef = document.querySelector('zing-grid');
  zgRef.executeOnLoad(() => {
    // alternatively
    // zgRef.setStateField('sort', {"index":"director","order":1});

[features: grid state persistence]